Students Experience Special ‘Journey to the East’ Trip! ✈️

J2E Guiyang University April 2017

Students from UCLan’s School of Business immersed themselves in the wonders of Chinese culture and the modern Chinese education system whilst visiting the Guizhou University in Guiyang and the Zunyi Tsinghua High School in Zunyi, both establishments are located within the Guizhou Province in China.

Six undergraduates, who study in UCLan’s Division of Communication, Marketing and Public Relations, joined Senior Lecturer Peter Ashfield for a ten-day visit to Guizhou Province in China. With a population of over 35 million it was going to be a new experience. The ‘Journey to the East’ trip was supported by the International Travel Bursary.

This is the forth ‘Journey to the East’ trip undertaken by UCLan and already the planning for J2E5 in 2018 is underway. During this year’s trip UCLan students joined up with Guizhou University students and engaged in cultural, educational and business activities. A Chinese paper cutting class, language classes and visiting a museum were all highlights of the trip. In addition, different Chinese martial arts were explored and a number of formal traditional Chinese lunches and dinners were enjoyed and the students were fascinated with Chinese eating etiquette. The students also visited the Zunyi Tsinghua secondary school in Zunyi City which is a feeder school for the Guizhou University and met young students and shared classes and experiences of life in the UK.  Students also visited the Zunyi Conference building which was where a meeting of the Communist Party of China in January 1935 during the Long March took place, considered by many to be the point of creation for modern China: the museum visit was a very humbling experience. To round things off, the students also delivered an impromptu renditioning of Justin Beber’s hit song ‘Baby’ in front of a large audience of honoured guests to finish off an exhilarating and learned week.

The students were selected as part of a School of Business and School of Management initiative orchestrated by Mohamed Parker. Potential students completed an application form and were then invited for an interview. In total 34 students from across both Schools were chosen of which six were selected to visit Guizhou and the remaining students visited other Chinese Universities. The students were selected based on their commitment to make a positive contribution to the trip whilst also making a commitment to developing their understanding and learning of Chinese business and culture.

The six students included: Yashin Comrie, Emily Harris, Harriet Hartley, Jimmy Hoang, Nathan Meall and Navin Persaud.

Alison Lucas, Acting Head of the School of Business, said: “Study field trips, particularly those to China, help our students to broaden their perspectives and engage with activities which really bring to life those things discussed and learned in the classroom. Many of our students will work within international businesses in their careers, so J2E helps them understand culture from a very practical perspective.”


A J2E student sums up the experience:

Yashin Comrie: “My highlight of the trip was when we attended the high school in Zunyi, that experience was amazing and the reception that we had received was unbelievable, I loved every minute of it especially when we performed on stage. What I learned about myself is that I love the Chinese culture and that I am very adaptable to a new lifestyle, I also feel as if I can pick things up a lot quicker. I also learned that I absolutely love the Chinese atmosphere and how friendly the people are. What learned about China is that put meaning into more or less everything and that, nothing is done just for the sake of it and that they value practically everything that they do. They invest in themselves from as soon as they are born like how we were told that they sometimes learn a new language alongside their mother tongue in primary school throughout the years to help them with any future decisions. Also, some of the strict laws and legislation that they implement into China actually benefit a lot of the Chinese people to push themselves to be the best they can be.”


For more information contact Peter Ashfield, Senior Lecturer in Business and Marketing, School of Business, UCLan Tel: 01772 894667



Golden Roses 2017 – School of Business success!

School of Business triumphed in the annual Golden Roses Teaching Awards (2017) which are student-led from nomination to presentation. This gives the students the chance to ‘give back’ by nominating in a variety of categories including – but not limited to – ‘Leading equality award’, ‘Postgraduate support’ and ‘Academic advisor of the year’.

The School of Business was shortlisted initially for two categories: ‘Lecturer of the year’ and ‘Course team of the year’. On the Golden Roses award ceremony evening, the School was absolutely delighted to have won in both categories!

Peter Ashfield - Lecturer of the Year 2017

Peter Ashfield (Business and Marketing course leader) has over 25 years’ experience within the business sector, with the ability to deliver business and marketing focused teaching and learning in an engaging and dynamic manner. Peter, was nominated and won the much coveted ‘Lecturer of the year’ award for the significant contribution he has made to the academic experience. Be it through assessment and feedback practices, innovative teaching methods or responding to students’ experiences and teaching styles.

Accounting - Awarfd

BA (Hons) Accounting were nominated for and won the ‘Course team of the year’ award, which recognises the UCLan Course Team that has made a significant positive contribution to the academic experience, by working together to provide a consistent experience throughout all levels of the course, as well as working with students as participants and active learners. The small team expressed their delight when receiving the award, and thanked all the students involved.

Looks like a successful celebration all round for the School!

‘Why I Chose UCLan?’

Katie Hull

Katie, a BA (Hons) Business and Marketing student at UCLan has kindly shared a few words about why she chose to study with us!


Where do I start? I chose the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) for several reasons:

  1. UCLan is close to my hometown and has great transport links, making it easier for me to commute home. I however, live in Whitendale Halls (next to the School of Business hub) on campus.
  2. The campus is in great walking distance to the city centre (10 mins) where there is plenty of shops and food outlets.
  3. The course I am studying has given me so many opportunities to broaden my horizon within the University. For example, I’m currently co-hosting the radio show ‘Business Buzz’ with another student; Richard Crake.
  4. Our class decided to start a Business and Marketing society, of which I am a vice secretary for this academic year, and we continue to grow and learn new things every day.
  5. Last but not least! The staff within the School of Business are astonishing. They help you in any way they can day or night, my tutor: Peter Ashfield is absolutely fantastic because he is one of the several members of staff who continually motivate and support me in my studies.

I recommend anyone who wants to study business, to come UCLan as I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Zane is Loving his Placement Role at the NHS

Zain, Accounting and Finance student at UCLan is currently out on his placement year. He is working for the NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group as a Finance Support Officer working across finance, contracting and business informatics.

He states that the scope of the responsibilities involved within the role attracted him to apply for the position. Alongside the recognition of the NHS as an employer, their vision to better the lives of the constituents they have responsibility for, this is a field he thoroughly enjoys.  Zain explains that the application process for the role was relatively easy in comparison to other schemes. He got his CV and application looked over by university academics before submitting his application. Upon submitting his application, he was invited to an interview in front of three panellists, followed with a basic excel test. Continue reading “Zane is Loving his Placement Role at the NHS”

East Meets West For Placement Visit

Whilst teaching in Hong Kong, Work Placement Supervisor and Senior Lecturer in Marketing, Caroline Holliday took the opportunity to visit Janice Poon, one of her students taking the BC 3000 work placement module. Janice works as a Project Coordinator for Social Alliance Communications Consultancy which is an impact marketing and communications consultancy based in Hong Kong. Janice is gaining valuable work experience in marketing and public relations working with the Director of Social Alliance Communications Consultancy, Debby Shing. The pictures below show Debby, Janice and Caroline pictured outside the consultancy and shows the offices where the organisation is based in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong.

UCLan Marketing Students Reach National Final of Chartered Institute of Marketing ‘The Pitch’ 2016 Competition

Final year Business and Marketing student James Duckworth and Marketing Management students Christina Fearon and Emma Ambrose from UCLan were in the final of ‘The Pitch’ 2016 competition at the Head Office of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in Maidenhead. ‘UCLan Group Matrix’ was the name the students chose. Continue reading “UCLan Marketing Students Reach National Final of Chartered Institute of Marketing ‘The Pitch’ 2016 Competition”

Business School hosts successful Summer Camp with International Partners

In June 2015 the School of Business at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) hosted a 10 day summer camp with 20 students from a partner institution in Hong Kong. The Business School has a long-running, strong relationship with the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (VTC) with many lecturers from the school going over to Hong Kong to teach on their programmes. The camp provided ample opportunities for the students to enrich their learning experience, explore British culture and strengthen their academic skills to prepare for their studies in the undergraduate programmes. 

Continue reading “Business School hosts successful Summer Camp with International Partners”